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The Fenestra Group repairs and refurbishes windows and patio doors, thereby avoiding unnecessary replacement. The recommended approach is to preserve the window frames, whether they are made of steel, aluminum or wood, replacing only components …Read more
In addition to boasting an unrivaled mastery in window repair, Fenestra Group equally excels in caulking. This operation aims to adequately seal any openings in the rims of doors, windows and thermos glasses, or in the expansion joints of the building. As a … Read more
Homeowners are becoming increasingly interested in improving the energy efficiency of their house to reduce costs, improve comfort and help protect the environment. Many older Canadian houses are relatively drafty and lightly insulated, …Read more
The curtain wall is the most airtight and watertight model of exterior wall and building envelop. However, as years go by, its original performance greatly decrease thus allowing air and water infiltration because of the worn seals. It’s an energy intensive …Read more
As years go by, the sealant surrounding the thermos glass wears out, thus allowing humidity to infiltrate between the two glasses and condense. It’s a phenomenon that can cloud the scenery, unsealed, the thermos loses its insulating properties …Read more
You can now convert all your simple double glazing windows and patio doors to the triple glazing system. This new approach focuses on inserting a new double glazing into the outer part of your windows …Read more
The Fenestra Group replaces outdated or defective wood components of heritage windows in order to improve insulation and airtightness, enhancing their performance capabilities. Wood, which has natural insulating properties, is easier to refurbish because of its malleable properties. We only …Read more
A porous building envelope makes the building vulnerable to a phenomenon known as the chimney effect (or stack effect). This results in huge energy losses and may cause discomfort to building occupants. An effective way to resolve this issue is to compartmentalize your building. The first …Read more

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Nous assurons l'entretien des fenêtres Levesque

We assure the maintenance of Levesque windows

Fenestra group has acquired the manufacturing equipment for the windows of C. Lévesque companies. Among others, the equipment for cables manufacturing. Cables are always custom-made and require a high level of precision in their design in order to function the same way in all the renovated windows. Fenestra Group also has all the necessary parts for their repair and added the ex-development manager to the team, Jonathan Beaudoin, to assure the maintenance of these windows. ■

Fenêtres Européennes et Oscillo-Battantes

We repair European and Swing Windows

Fenestra Group has a big experience in the repair and refurbishing of all types of European and Swing Windows. We have the necessary parts to ensure their maintenance. And if a certain part is not available in the market, we can manufacture it thanks to cutting-edge technologies, such as 3D printers. This method allows us to handle the majority of the submitted problems and provide you a precise work, regardless of the encountered situation. ■

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This first chronicle will talk about the mission of the Fenestra Group, of which I am the vice chair with Pierre Montpetit. Established fifteen years ago, Fenestra Group is specialized in window repair and refurbishing, in particular for co-proprieties an institutions. This approach costs only a third of the cost of window replacement. It also […]

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The Values ​​Conveyed by the Fenestra Group

November 14th, 2015|0 Commentaire

After 15 years of constant service for its customers, Fenestra Group’s team sat down with a coach from Gazelles to define aspects of our raison d’etre which are already part of us, but not clearly defined and communicated. Therefore, here is how they are defined.

Values according to the Wikipedia

Values are principles that ways of being […]


Sustainable Development

Saving the planet, one window at a time.

Sustainable development is a road-map for achieving sustainability in any activity that uses resources and where immediate and intergenerational replication is demanded. Sustainable development coincides with further economic growth and human development in the developed economy for finding the means of continual development beyond economic development. As such, sustainable development is the organizing principle for sustaining finite resources necessary to provide for the needs of future generations of life on the planet. Find out more »