The alternative
to replacing windows

The repair or refurbishment of an existing window provides equal or superior airtightness and watertightness capabilities when compared to new models available on the market. This upgrade saves considerable amounts of money, and is consistent with the sustainable development concept.

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Our Window Repair service allows you to make substantial savings. Window Repair is good for the environment. We are the professionals of Window Repair. Window Repair. Do you need to Repair your Windows? If you need to Repair your Windows, we are the solution. Window Repair is much less expensive than replacement. We Repair Windows since 1989. Call us if you need Window Repair services. We Repair Windows of commercial, institutional and residential buildings. Do not hesitate to call us for Window Repair. To chose Window Repair is to contribute to sustainable development. We are the reference of Window Repair in Canada. Window Repair.


Our Services

A pioneer in conventional and patrimonial window repair and refurbishment, Fenestra Group offers innovative solutions using laboratory tested and approved methods.
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Sustainable development contributes to waste reduction. Fenestra´s window repair and refurbishment solutions generate far less waste than standard window replacement.
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A porous building envelope makes the building vulnerable to a phenomenon known as the chimney effect (or stack effect). An effective way to resolve this issue is to compartmentalize your building.
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