The creation of the Fenestra Group in 1989 is part of an irreversible movement that is focused on sustainable development. The company’s foundation stems from a profound reflection on our consumption habits and is intended to correct misperceptions about windows.

At the dawn of a new era where the promotion of green buildings is on the rise and wasteful behaviour is being singled out, governments are making every effort to gradually establish a new culture based on respect for the environment.

A visionary

Vision is what Pierre Montpetit had in mind when he founded the Fenestra Group. And he was right, because in less than 15 years the concept of refurbishing windows has proven to be a success beyond expectations. Without a doubt, this favourable trend is just beginning.

It is important to note that the Fenestra Group has refurbished over 200,000 windows since its inception. Its credibility is based on results measured in laboratory, as well as a blower-door testing conducted in the field. This helps to evaluate the pressurization of a building, create weather simulations and use thermography and smoke devices. This company is unquestionably setting the standard in a rapidly emerging niche.

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