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Are your subcontractors in good standing?

Before confiding in an entrepreneur’s services to carry out renovations in your building, first make sure, that he is reliable and has a good standing within the construction industry, since you are always vulnerable to lay the full price on the wrong hands. In this article therefore, I shall further elucidate you on the various risks inherent to hiring inadequate candidates. Hence, you shall ultimately, be fully convinced as to why the Fenestra Group is looking forward and anxious to respect every rule in the game, thus, certifying that its services are offered with the exact reasonable price, in accordance with those imposed by the market.

Merely Filling their Pockets

Certain entrepreneurs collect taxes (GST and QST) through fictitious numbers, or those that do not correspond with their company, and hence, retain the money collected, solely for their use and for their selfish motives. In such a case, the government will impose you, to repay the amounts. Therefore, make sure that these numbers are in accordance and confirmed. In order to verify this, visit the Revenu Québec Portal and the CRA. In fact, all others work without license numbers. Results: the CCQ can only certify that their company adheres to the best practices , in which case, a condo co-operation could still be subjected to legal action, as a client, and must be accountable for his/her actions as indicated in the Law no. 54.

Article 54 introduces the concept of joint liability between the entrepreneur and the sub-entrepreneur, either directly or through an intermediary. This liability can extend up to a customer, if the latter makes a deal with an entrepreneur who has no license number. To verify these numbers, visit the Régie du bâtiment du Québec Portal. Article 54 further specifies the obligation of this solidarity, which is the due salary, paid leaves and welfare benefits, to name but a few examples.

Another possible situation: the company where you have hired its services fails to pay its employees in accordance with the decree of the construction (CCQ). If such was the case, you would be obliged to pay the income loss to those concerned, after the CCQ has conducted its investigation. To avoid going so far, the respective organization will have to supply you with a letter specifying that the paid remunerations are in accordance with the said decree. At Fenestra Group, we will always guarantee to defer this compliance from you.

Competency Cards

Every employee has to hold a competency card, for example as a plumber or a general carpenter. A lack of this, tends to form an infringement, since it can have adverse effects on the duly qualified professionals, who are forced to undergo an unfair competition. You have thus, the right to demand this card from the person that you plan to hire. This is for your own benefit and protection. Remember that you should always acquire the services from a recognized workforce, who should be competent enough to offer services that succeed in meeting all your expectations. Also, be attentive about entrepreneurs who fail to offer their contributions to the CSST, since in the end, it’ll be you who will have to pay their price instead, and besides, twice the price rather than one. Therefore, ask your entrepreneur for a letter duly issued by the CSST, which rightfully confirms that their contributions were honored. Do not forget that you should never take these matters with ease or neglect, since sooner or later; you will fall in the trap and (if necessary) will have to pay the bill.

The ultimate objective of this post, may perhaps seem like kill-joys, but if truth be told, it’s unique and sole purpose is only to protect your interests, and contribute to a healthy management and drive your condominium towards success.

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