Windows that lasts a 100 years

This first chronicle will talk about the mission of the Fenestra Group, of which I am the vice chair with Pierre Montpetit. Established fifteen years ago, Fenestra Group is specialized in window repair and refurbishing, […]

Money that’s pushed out of Windows

Several condominiums in Quebec had finally realized the relevance “of re-conditioning” their windows, in terms of costs, to become more environmentally and socially responsible. I would like to take, the condominium, “Promenade Des Îles”, in […]

Live the Fenestra experience

Fenestra Group leads by example in the organizational level. In fact, the company treats its employees in a unique way, smiling faces are predominant, and the work atmosphere is so cheerful it reflects on the […]

Are your subcontractors in good standing?

Before confiding in an entrepreneur’s services to carry out renovations in your building, first make sure, that he is reliable and has a good standing within the construction industry, since you are always vulnerable to […]

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