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Groupe Fenestra | Remise à Neuf et Réparation de Fenêtres

Groupe Fenestra

About Groupe Fenestra

Depuis 1989, Le Groupe Fenestra repense les pratiques de l'industrie en proposant la remise à neuf, une approche permettant de prolonger jusqu'à 100 ans la vie d'une fenêtre. Fort de ce succès inégalé, le Groupe Fenestra offre aujourd'hui des services connexes venant soutenir cette volonté de développement durable.

The Values ​​Conveyed by the Fenestra Group

After 15 years of constant service for its customers, Fenestra Group’s team sat down with a coach from Gazelles to define aspects of our raison d’etre which are already part of us, but not clearly defined and communicated. Therefore, here is how they are defined.

Values according to the Wikipedia

Values are principles that ways of being […]

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Windows that lasts a 100 years

This first chronicle will talk about the mission of the Fenestra Group, of which I am the vice chair with Pierre Montpetit. Established fifteen years ago, Fenestra Group is specialized in window repair and refurbishing, in particular for co-proprieties an institutions. This approach costs only a third of the cost of window replacement. It also […]

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Money that’s pushed out of Windows

Several condominiums in Quebec had finally realized the relevance “of re-conditioning” their windows, in terms of costs, to become more environmentally and socially responsible. I would like to take, the condominium, “Promenade Des Îles”, in the Patton Island ( Laval), as a significant example, where you’ll find some of the windows that are almost 30 […]

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Live the Fenestra experience

Fenestra Group leads by example in the organizational level. In fact, the company treats its employees in a unique way, smiling faces are predominant, and the work atmosphere is so cheerful it reflects on the clients. Staff members are experts in their field of expertise, but also, have the required credentials. We should specify that […]

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Are your subcontractors in good standing?

Before confiding in an entrepreneur’s services to carry out renovations in your building, first make sure, that he is reliable and has a good standing within the construction industry, since you are always vulnerable to lay the full price on the wrong hands. In this article therefore, I shall further elucidate you on the various […]

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