Sustainable development

When it comes to windows, recent-technology components are much more efficient. Their life expectancy also exceeds that of standard windows since they are made with materials better equipped to face harsh weather. For example, new weatherstripping and track slides have seen major technological improvements. They provide refurbished windows with sealing performance that is often noticeably better than that of the originals.Find out more »

Waste Management

At a time when waste reduction efforts are growing, using Fenestra Group´s services becomes an environmentally sensitive choice. By refurbishing windows and patio doors, the company significantly reduces the amount of construction waste sent to landfills. It also contributes to reducing energy consumption, as well as the use of raw materials.Find out more »

SCHL Study

In the 1990s, Canadian housing largely used windows made from porous materials that were not airtight or watertight, especially in the case of double aluminum sliding windows, which peaked in popularity during the 60s and 70s. Because of their advanced age and outdated technology, many of their components were no longer consistent with current standards… Find out more »

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