The life expectancy of a window

According to popular belief in Quebec, windows need to be replaced after 25 years. This reasoning stems from confusion between the terms “useful life” and “wear cycle”. If we were to apply this reasoning in other areas, it would mean, for example, replacing a car because its brakes are worn out. Yet, the life expectancy of a periodically refurbished window may exceed 100 years.

High performance components

The energy performance of refurbished windows is often better than that of their original counterparts, since refurbished windows are built with better components made from previously unavailable materials. For example, new weatherstripping systems can last up to fifty years and have superior airtight and watertight capabilities. Once made with cotton and fibreglass, they deteriorated after only fifteen years. Defective weatherstripping lets moisture in, creating condensation on the window glass.

Track slides have also seen improvements. Formerly made of nylon, they are now made of a material similar to Teflon. Therefore, they facilitate movement of parts and are more durable.

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