Make a unit perfectly odor-proof

Cigarette smoke is one of the most common scents in an apartment. To eradicate it, it is necessary to block its emanation at the source. Compartmentalization, which is ideal in a building with a ventilation system, aims to seal the units and floors of a building, as well as its envelope.

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How do we do it?

Initially, the odor generating unit is pressurized, which allows a visualization of air movements by means of a smoke. This air usually seeps into the multiple gaps in a wall, for example the openings around the electrical plugs, in the joints at the base of the floors, as well as around the water return pipes of the washing machine.

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The infiltration of odors through the ceiling

Another possible vector of odor infiltration is the false gypsum ceiling (crawl space) of a condominium apartment, above which is usually a concrete slab. The space created between these two materials is generally used to hide the mechanical components of a building (e.g. plumbing and ventilation system). After identifying the openings responsible for the emanations of undesirable odors, all that remains is to plug them with adequate products.

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