Live the Fenestra experience

Fenestra Group leads by example in the organizational level. In fact, the company treats its employees in a unique way, smiling faces are predominant, and the work atmosphere is so cheerful it reflects on the clients. Staff members are experts in their field of expertise, but also, have the required credentials. We should specify that Fenestra Group is in compliance with the Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ). Fenestra group is also committed to adequate professional indemnity insurances.

In terms of customer approach, the adopted methods are equally astonishing: after making a deal with the managers of a co-property, a representative from Fenestra Group coordinates with a dispatcher, which will then designates the appropriate team, depending on the type of repairs to be done on the building windows. Furthermore, the representative and the dispatcher will try to make sure the clients are completely satisfied at all times. Workers dispatched to your building will also greet you with a smile. They will deploy a grey mat to avoid damaging and soiling you floor coverings.

Fenestra group minimizes the inconvenience caused by the presence of workers in the condo in order to offer a good experience for the client. You will feel respected and you will be heard. In addition, we offer a 10 year warranty for our work, which why service calls are handled in a timely manner.

Fenestra group surrounds itself with engineers, on the call, technologically up to date and experts when it comes to finding solutions to complex problems. Many are the people that call us for advice. Finally, know that we will frankly tell you in advance if the renovation of your windows is worth it. There is no way we will start a project if the end results will be disappointing. To learn more about the Fenestra experience contact us.

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