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Several condominiums in Quebec had finally realized the relevance “of re-conditioning” their windows, in terms of costs, to become more environmentally and socially responsible. I would like to take, the condominium, “Promenade Des Îles”, in the Patton Island ( Laval), as a significant example, where you’ll find some of the windows that are almost 30 years old. Several co-owners have already complained about air and water infiltrations in their corresponding units. Solving this complication and discomfort is an essentiality, but due to the prevalent budgetary reasons, the chance of replacing the windows was not an option.

A Major Challenge

Having sealed and painted the building, its administrators decided to restore its original water resistance level. Despite all efforts, its infiltration issues still continued to be adverse. Hence, they found out that the problem was in the building windows. It was here, that this condominium sought for our professional services. After an in-depth analysis in the behavior of windows, we came into a final conclusion that this building required a sufficient modification in its drainage systems, and a substitution in weatherstripping, which were also seriously worn out.

Therefore, the causes of air and water infiltration in this condominium can be thus, explained in the following manner: through continuous strong winds and the outside atmospheric pressure being higher than that of the inside, which consequently, created a water suction into the units. This phenomenon had continued to persist for several years, due to several climatic changes. During such circumstances, an evacuation system through windows alone is, sufficiently not enough. This results the water to clog, just as a sewer drain would hold back its flow.

Corrective Measures

So as to resolve this aggravating problem, the number of outlets created should be increased (with chicane) in the water discharge rails, in order facilitate an efficient drainage as it gets collected. This technique requires appropriate accurate calculations, both with concern to the positioning and to the ideal number of holes that must be drilled. The refurbishment on this condominium’s total number of windows can be completed with an approximate cost of $250 (one unit), which is a sum very much lower than the actual price it would have been necessarily wasted upon, on replacing the entire set, which is $700 each.

In my next post, I would like to share a situation in another condominium, where such a window refurbishment contributed to save up a huge amount.

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