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Window problems? Do not replace them, they can be repaired.

The Fenestra Group specializes in repairing windows and patio doors, which avoids their unnecessary replacement. The recommended approach to achieve this is to preserve their frames, whether steel, aluminum or wood, and to replace only those components that have reached the end of their wear cycle. Reconditioning or repairing a window costs approximately one third of the price charged for the purchase and installation of a new window.

eTime Liquid Solar Film is a clear coating which, when applied to glass, creates a thermal barrier that slows the transfer of heat from the exterior to the interior of the building as well as from the interior to the building. outside. eTime Liquid Solar Film can be applied to the internal surface of all types of windows (or glass doors) and its effect is immediate.

Over the years, the sealant surrounding the thermos glazing degrades, allowing moisture to penetrate between the two panes and condense. This is a phenomenon that has the effect of fogging up the landscape, the unsealed thermos having lost its insulating properties.

Many older homes in Canada are poorly insulated and more or less affected by drafts, which can lead to heat loss and higher energy bills, even for homes built more recently, between the 1950s and 1980. These homes likely use, at a minimum, 25% more energy for heating than a home built after 2010, due to higher insulation and sealing requirements that are built into codes. of recent building.

With unparalleled expertise in window repair, The Fenestra Group also excels in caulking. This operation is aimed at the adequate sealing of openings around doors, windows and thermos, or those that are housed in the expansion joints of a building. A true science not to be left in the hands of amateurs, caulking requires a three-step analysis:

Water infiltration can be particularly harmful to a building. The effects of water seepage into walls are well known: water can damage interior finishes and, in the case of wood-frame construction, lead to wood rot or mold growth in the wall.

Constantly at the forefront in the field of fenestration and in order to offer its customers a complete range of products and services, the Fenestra Group now offers the installation of stainless steel "mosquito net" type security grilles. . It is a sensible, durable and tailor-made solution to effectively prevent vandalism or accidental falls.

It is now possible to transform your single-glazed windows and patio doors into a triple-glazed system. This new approach consists of inserting new thermos glasses in the exterior part of your windows. By adding double glass with Argon and Low-E film and by upgrading the weather stripping system, you will obtain the performance of a new high-efficiency window while keeping your current window.