With an unparalleled mastery in window repair, the Fenestra Group also excels in caulking. This operation aims at the proper sealing of openings around doors, windows and thermos, or those that house in the expansion joints of a building.

  • An examination of the building envelope;
  • The type of sealant that will be appropriate for it;
  • The ideal marriage between the sealant and the envelope.

When it comes to caulking, the installation is as important as the quality of the sealant used. This must be chosen judiciously according to the type of building envelope to be caulked. In addition, to ensure a job well done, it is necessary at no time to deviate from the elementary rules, for example when removing an old sealant with the appropriate tools, proper cleaning of the spaces to be caulked for better adhesion of new products, or the use of honeycomb rods (backing) in gaps of a certain size.


Choose Fenestra Quality

Choosing a product of superior quality is essential, which fenestra Group recommends, given the extreme temperature differences that prevail in Quebec. In fact, you should always opt for high-performance products! An adequate sealant will last between 15 and 20 years. In contrast, an ordinary sealant will not pass the 5-10 year mark. Two types of products are available on the market: ORGANIC sealants (e.g. urethanes), which contain carbon, and carbon-free INORGANIC sealants, including silicones. Their price varies. Their quality too.

Most of the time, a high-end sealant involves only minimal additional disbursements. Its impact on the total cost of a caulking project will therefore be negligible.

Réparation de fenêtres à Montréal


The Fenestra Warranty

In some cases, adhesion testing may be required to determine the appropriate caulking product, thus achieving maximum durability. The Fenestra Group guarantees its work for five years. This may include an additional manufacturer's warranty of up to 20 years.


Caulking Fenestra Group

In addition to being number one in window repair, the Fenestra Group also specializes in waterproofing building envelopes. It performs calculations and analyses to measure air leakage, heat loss and energy savings, to name just a few. If necessary, the company uses thermography and depressurization to detect air infiltration and exfiltration, water infiltration, faulty insulation, moisture-impregnated materials, construction defects or the presence of mold.