Repair of curtain walls

The curtain wall is the most airtight and watertight model of exterior wall and building envelope. However, over the years, its original performance is greatly reduced and water and air infiltration can then be observed due to worn seals.

This is an energy-intensive problem, causing not only discomfort for the occupants, but can also lead to damage to the very structure of the building. In addition, the aluminum components lose their original shine due to the cycle of the seasons, leaving corrosion and discoloration, thus affecting the aesthetics of the windows. These are common situations seen in aging curtain walls and it can sometimes be complex to find a sustainable solution when few companies have the expertise to deal with this type of structure.

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Unique expertise

The Fenestra Group carries out the inspection and refurbishment of the curtain walls. We have the necessary equipment and expertise to carry out the complete repair of this type of installation, regardless of the height or scope of the work. We also carry out glass changes and can restore the original finish to the aluminums.

Pioneers in the field of window refurbishment in North America, we make sure to use industry-approved sealants as well as components adapted to the local climate. All this in order to be able to guarantee you work that will ensure the sustainability of your investment.

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Refurbishment and repair of curtain walls

Do not hesitate to contact us for a free estimate. The Fenestra Group will find the solution to your curtain wall problems, no matter how complex they may be.