Repair of heritage windows

The Fenestra Group repairs obsolete or defective components of heritage wooden windows. The latter therefore become much more watertight. But more importantly, they offer performance they weren't able to deliver before being reconditioned.

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Wood, more malleable

This material, which has natural insulating properties, is easier to recondition because it is malleable. Only wooden segments that have become unusable are replaced by new ones. The still healthy parts are kept in place. Contact Us Service Request


Aluminium and steel

The Group also repairs heritage windows in aluminium and steel, as well as windows with a certain aesthetic appeal, without being classified as heritage. These may include, for example, windows adorning institutional buildings and government buildings. In any case, window repair will provide an equal or even greater seal to new windows. Contact Us Service Request


Catering at all costs

The entire reproduction of an old window alters its authenticity. This practice is also contrary to the concept of sustainable development, which the Quebec government has been promoting for a few years now. For these reasons, several municipalities require the maintenance and repair of heritage windows.

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