Star Energy and Fog Problems

It is now possible to transform your single double glass windows and patio doors into a triple glass system.

This new approach involves inserting new thermos glasses into the outer part of your windows. By adding double glass with Argon and Low-E film and upgrading the cold cutting system, you will get the performance of a new high-efficiency window while keeping your current window.

By transforming your current windows into a window with "Star Energy" equivalence, you will increase the dew point which will minimize the condensation problems that we often find in current window systems.

This is actually a service already offered in the past, but the acquisition of new equipment allows us to offer the service on a larger scale and at a more attractive price for our customers. The simplicity of the operation remains the same as for the reconditioning. In a single operation, our technicians will replace the exterior single glass with a thermos glass, while carrying out the complete reconditioning of the window.