Replacement of the thermal glass

Over the years, the sealant surrounding the thermos glazing degrades, allowing moisture to penetrate between the two panes and condense. This is a phenomenon that has the effect of fogging the landscape, the unsealed thermos having lost its insulating properties.

Faced with such a situation, many would be inclined to perform a complete replacement of the window. However, if the frame and frame are in good condition, or in a condition to be repaired, the simple replacement of thermos glazing proves to be the designated choice since it allows the window to return to its original performance in addition to being the most economical solution. Replacing the thermos costs a fraction of the price of a complete window change.


Drilling holes in glass: a controversial solution

When the thermos is fogged, several companies offer to restore thermos glazing by drilling holes in the glass and then plugging them back following the extraction of moisture from the glazing. However, we recommend replacing the thermos. The extraction of moisture following the drilling of holes is a highly criticized technique and its effectiveness is far from having been proven in the long term.

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Quality Thermos by Fenestra Group

Our teams of experienced glaziers can replace all types of thermos and are specialized in high-rise construction sites and large-scale projects. In addition, several options are available to you when you call on the Fenestra Group for the replacement of your thermos. For example, you can equip the window with argon gas and a film with low emissivity. You can also opt for triple glazing or tempered glass glazing. In addition, it is also possible to change the shade of the thermos and integrate a tile. No matter which product you choose, rest assured that when you call on the Fenestra Group for the replacement of your thermos, you will get exactly the same quality as that offered by the national manufacturers of new windows. Join us now to speak with one of our advisors and request your free estimate.