Water infiltration

Water infiltration can be particularly harmful to a building. The effects of water infiltration into walls are well known: water can damage interior finishes and, in the case of wood-frame construction, lead to wood rot or mold formation in the wall.

Doors and windows remain the main elements to monitor in order to avoid this type of problem. It must be understood that water runoff inevitably follows all wall walls including doors and windows. Inevitably, the water always looks for the shortest way down and the cracks around the doors and windows thus offer excellent shortcuts.


One problem, multiple causes

Over the seasons, the contraction and expansion exerted on the materials and components of doors and windows end up creating tiny spaces favoring water infiltration. Deficient caulking is usually the main cause of water infiltration around doors and windows, however it is not necessarily the ONLY one.

There are many others, such as the condition of window components, such as frames, weatherstripping, seals around thermos panes, etc. The obsolescence of the seals around the brick, aluminum or vinyl siding can also be problematic elements. It is therefore very often necessary to proceed by elimination in order to discover the cause(s) of water infiltration.



The solution is Fenestra Group

Since each case is unique, in order to solve a water infiltration problem, it is important to call on a specialized company. The Fenestra Group has the expertise and tools to determine the cause(s) of water infiltration and thus make the necessary corrections. Join us now to request your free estimate and prevent your water infiltration problems from getting bogged down.