A pioneer in conventional and patrimonial window repair and refurbishment, Fenestra Group offers innovative solutions using laboratory tested and approved methods. This approach is approximately one-third of the cost for purchasing and installing a new window, and comes with a warranty that can extend up to 10 years.

Fenestra´s window repair and refurbishment services

As years go by, many window components become ineffective. Replacing them with superior technology components, will give your windows equal or superior airtightness and watertightness capabilities compared to those of a new window.Find out more »

Fenestra Caulking

In addition to boasting an unrivaled mastery in window repair, Fenestra Group equally excels in caulking. This operation aims to adequately seal any openings in the rims of doors, windows and thermos glasses, or in the expansion …Find out more »

Refurbishment and Repair of Curtain Walls

The curtain wall is the most airtight and watertight model of exterior wall and building envelop. However, as years go by, its original performance greatly decrease thus allowing air and water infiltration because of the worn …Find out more »

Thermos Replacement

As years go by, the sealant surrounding the thermos glass wears out, thus allowing humidity to infiltrate between the two glasses and condense. It’s a phenomenon that can cloud the scenery, unsealed, the thermos loses its insulating …Find out more »

Air infiltrations and Thermography

Homeowners are becoming increasingly interested in improving the energy efficiency of their house to reduce costs, improve comfort and help protect the environment. Many older Canadian houses are relatively drafty and lightly insulated …Find out more »

eTime Liquid Solar Window Film

The eTime Liquid Solar Window Film focuses on rendering the best transparent, clear and bright coatings which when applied on the glass, would favorably create a thermal barrier marginally curbing down the heat transfer not only …Find out more »

An upgraded « Energy Star » solution and « Condensation Problems »

You can now convert all your simple double glazing windows and patio doors to the triple glazing system.This new approach focuses on inserting a new double glazing into the outer part of your windows. Hence, by adding a double glazing… Find out more »

Patrimonial window refurbishment

The province of Québec has countless patrimonial buildings whose preservation is required by law. Components of these buildings, such as wooden, steel or aluminum windows require periodical improvement and upgrades. Fenestra Group´s expertise in patrimonial window refurbishment greatly contributes to the preservation of Quebec´s rich heritage, culture and history.Find out more »

Building compartmentalization

Compartmentalization of a multi-story building greatly reduces the chimney effect. This phenomenon contributes to a building´s heat loss through the building´s roof and upper levels. It can also threaten the lives of the building´s occupants in case of a fire or inconvenience them by letting bad odours migrate from one unit to another. Find out more »

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