You can now convert all your simple double glazing windows and patio doors to the triple glazing system.

This new approach focuses on inserting a new double glazing into the outer part of your windows. Hence, by adding a double glazing with Argon and Low-E film and by conducting a quality refurbishment of the weather-stripping system, you may certainly procure high-efficiency performances of a new window while maintaining the natural allure of your current window.

Therefore, converting your existing windows into windows resembling “Energy Star “, will increase the dew point, which will consequently minimize condensations problems that are often detected in prevalent window systems.

This is in fact, a service already offered earlier, but the acquisition of new equipment allows us to offer a larger-scale service together with more favorable price rates to our potential clientele. The simplicity of the operation remains unchanged for reconditioning. In a single operation, our professional technicians shall replace the simple exterior glazing with a double glazing, while conducting a complete reconditioning of your window.

A constant high-quality service, with regular cleanliness and the same guarantees.

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