Making your living unit odour-proof

The lingering smell of cigarette smoke is one of the most frequent odours found in any home. The only way to eradicate this problem is to neutralize it at the source. Compartmentalization, which is highly recommended in a building with a ventilation system, is the proper sealing of its floors, units and envelope.

How can we achieve this?

First and foremost, the unit generating the odour is pressurized to allow visualization of air movement using a smoke device. This air usually infiltrates through gaps in the wall, such as the openings around electrical plugs, the joints at the base of the floors, as well as around washing machine drain pipes.

Odour infiltration through ceiling

Another possible vector of odour infiltration is the false ceiling (crawl space). Made from gypsum, this space is usually found in condominiums, above which there is often a concrete slab. The space created between these two materials is used to hide the building’s mechanical components (e.g. plumbing and ventilation systems). After having identified the openings that are responsible for unwanted fumes, all that is left to do is to plug them with the appropriate products.

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