The Fenestra Group replaces outdated or defective wood components of heritage windows in order to improve insulation and airtightness, enhancing their performance capabilities.

Wood: a more malleable material

Wood, which has natural insulating properties, is easier to refurbish because of its malleable properties. We only replace wood segments that are considered unusable. Reusable segments are kept in their original place.

Aluminum and steel

The Fenestra Group also restores heritage windows made from aluminum or steel, as well as other types of windows with a certain aesthetic appeal that are not necessarily classified as heritage assets, such as windows adorning institutional and government buildings. Refurbishing this type of window will also provide sealing capabilities equal or superior to new windows.

Restoration at all costs

The reproduction of antique windows may alter their authenticity. This practice is also contrary to the concept of sustainable development, which the Quebec government has been promoting over the last few years. For these reasons, several municipalities require maintenance and restoration of heritage windows.

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