The eTime Liquid Solar Window Film focuses on rendering the best transparent, clear and bright coatings which when applied on the glass, would favorably create a thermal barrier marginally curbing down the heat transfer not only from the outside air into the inside environment of the building but from inside the building back into the outside as well. The eTime Liquid Solar Window Film can be conveniently applied to the inner surface of any type of windows (or glass doors) and its effects are certified, proven and fast.

The Problem: The Composition of the Solar Spectrum

  • Infrared Radiations : Sources of heat. They give arise to an excessive amount of discomfort while also consuming an increased amount of energy.
  • Visible Light : Brings about an unbearable inconvenience and discomforting blinding glares. This is also a source of heat.
  • Ultraviolet Rays : Resulting in damages to parts of the building (products, furniture, printing…).

Facts and Figures

Generally, an uncovered glass filters only 10 % of infrared radiations (heat). This would evidently result in an increase in the internal temperature of buildings, causing great inconveniency and adverse effects on their productivity and efficiency. In order to mitigate this unfortunate situation, the company is compelled to resort to an energy-consuming and a high expensive air conditioning system. Several others will also opt for traditional insulating solutions such as adhesive plastic films, shutters or even blinds. Although these strategies can serve as effective thermal barriers, they will also on the other hand, prevent a large quantity of visible light entering into the building environment and thus, prevent its occupants from enjoying the natural warmth of the sunlight and obstructs the pleasant scenery outside.

The Solution

All windows safely covered with the eTime Liquid Solar Window Film prevent almost 70 % of infrared radiations along with 90 % of other ultraviolet rays. Furthermore, since this advanced technology permits only a selective filtering of the solar spectrum, more than 70 % of the visible light penetrates into the glass, facilitating a revitalizing environment with the optimum natural sunlight. Hence, through this eTime Liquid Solar Window Film, the internal temperature decreases up to an average of at least 5°C to 8°C. Therefore, adding this technology into your working environment not only furnishes a greater comfort and ease for its occupants, but also depicts a significant cost efficiency in energy.

Blocked Ultraviolet Rays 90%
Blocked Infrared Beams 70%
Blocked Visible light 30%

Les bénéfices :

  • Suitable for any type of glass or polycarbonate.
  • Blocks 70 % of infrared radiations and 90 % of UV radiation.
  • Allows more than 70 % of visible light to penetrate inside.
  • Prevents an effective and an excessive heat transfer.
  • An extremely thin Window Film (8 microns).
  • No optical distortion due to a very light shade.
  • No cracking, fading off or chipping.
  • Not necessarily to remove the window, only an internal application.
  • Water base, odorless and easy maintenance.
  • Quick results and fast return on investment.

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