• To determine if using the UV Liquid Film on windows of the business has a direct and measurable impact on its energy consumption.
  • Period: 3 years ( 2009-2012 )
  • An Independent Engineer: Mann Engineering – Energy Management Specialists
Groupe Fenestra | Jack's Astor


  • A comparative study on the 2009-2010 years in contrast with the 2011-2012 years, which is further carried out, based on the statements issued by Burlington Hydro and Union Gas.
  • Cost effectiveness resulting from using the film:
    • Hydropower: 43 590 kWh (5.7 %)
    • Natural Gas: 613 m ³ (8.4 %)



  • To measure the internal temperature of both the cabins, once exposed to sunlight (between 8:00 and 6:00) and to monitor the energy required by air conditioning systems in order to maintain the temperature less than 42 ° Celsius.
  • A research conducted during the month of august 2012, which is led by the Centre for Construction and Engineering Technologies.
Groupe Fenestra | George Brown College


  • A research carried out on two experimental cabins: One with an opening where the glass is covered with a UV liquid film, whereas the second with a bare glass. Both cabins are integrated into an air conditioning system.

Results (Internal Temperature)

Groupe Fenestra | Résultats
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