The Fenestra Group repairs and refurbishes windows and patio doors, avoiding unnecessary replacement. In general, we preserve the window frames. We replace only components that have reached the end of their normal life expectancy. Besides its environmental benefits, revitalization saves money. Often the cost of revitalization is approximately one-third the cost of installing a new window.

Tested and approved methods

The Fenestra Group has developed unequaled technical expertise in window and door repair and revitalization.

We design and manufacture our own weatherstriping. We also routinely use 3D printers to create discontinued parts. More importantly, we can design and create new parts to improve on original factory performance.

It’s the same story with weatherstripping. Minimally, we can replace the original weatherstripping. We call this ‘like for like’ replacement. Often though, using our hard won knowledge, we can upgrade weatherstripping creating ‘better than factory’ performance and durability. We call this ‘better for like’ replacement.

In all cases we guide the quality of our work with the twin principles of durability and performance. Our performance benchmarks are NAFS (North American Fenestration Standard) and CSA-440 (Canadian Window and Door Standard). It’s this focus on durability and performance, that means we can guarantee our work.


Weatherstripping, track guides, hinges, screws, wood thresholds, screens, glass and caulking are just a few examples of components that may need to be replaced. Replacing these components can eliminate a number of problems, including; air leakage, heat loss, noise transmission, condensation, settlement, and operational difficulties. Furthermore, by using current technology, the performance of new components is often noticeably better than that of the originals.

The revitalization work usually takes place inside the building, saving the cost of suspended exterior work platforms needed for replacement work. Also, unlike replacement, revitalization work is not intrusive. Interior trim and window coverings do not need to be replaced. It avoids the dust and debris associated with the replacement of trim.

Working from the interior, we plan our work to minimize disruptions to residents. We also take precautions to protect finishes and furnishings, as well as to ensure cleanliness at all times.

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