"Hats off to you! Your consultant was able to find solutions for the cold air potential infiltrations. He performs admirably, he’s courteous and provides an excellent customer service. Not once he tried to minimize the situation and he immediately started to carefully examine the windows. He immediately started working on the windows with the help of his colleague and in an instant, they were all verified and adjusted. Their presence was worthy of the customer service support I was looking for and that every company should provide! Renée

"Sir, it is a good season that we concluded with your Fenestra work team. Here at Marin Club 1, we have 134 joint owners that received the services of M.Stéphane Bouchard and his colleague Michael for the caulking of the windows and the patio doors. After the job was done, I received numerous calls from people commending the work and the attitude of this team.

These two people have an exemplary politeness and they do their work cleanly and competently. On my behalf and on behalf of my fellow managers of the Marin Club, I sincerely thank you for this excellent work.Suzanne Desmarais, Marin Club

"I am writing to express my deep gratitude for your constant support for the board members of the Syndicate of Promenade des Iles-Condominiums. Your presence at the general assembly as well as your support proven by your comments and explanations to the joint owners, has clearly shown on this evening the credibility of our administration, which we strive to maintain for our residents.

I wish you could realize how much your presence alone and your statements, regarding your file, confirmed the accuracy of the facts that we have always advocated for our joint owners. That is why I wish to sincerely thank you for the interest and attention that you showed us.

I hope everything was in accordance with you expectations, know that our administration will give, in this new mandate, all the necessary attention for the files that we will be processing with you in the future.Daniel Fortier, Pres. Syndicate Promenade des Iles Condominiums

"I would like to thank you, as well as the members of your team, for your excellent job. I was very impressed by your friendliness, courtesy and professionalism. Thank you!Paul Jolin, Lawyer

"We would like to express our sincere appreciation for the job that you have accomplished jointly with Mister André Lavoie of Groupe Action Calfeutrage and the time that you have dedicated for the resolution of the problem of the water that was leaking through the curtain wall. The engineers that we have assigned several times throughout the past years to fix this problem could never succeed in finding the cause of this leakage on the windows of the curtain wall.

We would also like to express our deep gratitude. Please be assured that we will not fail to recommend your services to other condominium syndicates to fix the problems that they might face regarding the windows of their building. Yours sincerely.Normand Hurtubise, President of the board of directors / Val de l’anse

"We would like to inform you of our total satisfaction regarding the executed works in our building this fall. Your two employees received nothing but praise from the residents of our 44 apartments as well as the maintenance manager.

Those two young men were friendly, very respectful towards the elderly who lives in our residence and of course very efficient in their job. We also appreciate the advices that they gave us. Please accept, Sir, my highest regards.Francine Dagenais, President / Cooperative Housing Villa Trois Étoiles

"Hello sir! I want to say these few words to express my satisfaction regarding the executed works at my home on the 12th of last May. The two technicians arrived on time, at 08h. They have shown politeness, dedication in their job, in short they have shown great professionalism. For those reasons, I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone. Claire Martel

"I would like to express my satisfaction regarding the works that Fenestra executed at my home. I must confess that I was worried about the idea of doing these works during the month of January, but I have to admit that your team carried the works in a professional way to limit the cold air infiltration and to protect the floor coverings during the works. I am pleasantly surprised by the results of the executed repair works, the airtightness of my doors and windows was greatly improved. Hats off to your team!Danielle Lemay

"I am very pleased with the accomplished work, for both the interpersonal relations and the quality of the work. On this regard, I have a lot of positive feedback, the residents were very satisfied and liked your employees very much. The noise has greatly decreased and others told me that there was no more cold air infiltrations and that they don’t hear the whistling of the wind anymore. Which is a good sign. I liked M. Vito very much. He has leadership, he’s flexible and very accommodating. You are lucky to have a team like this. It was a pleasure to work with your company for the good of the condo « Le Riverain ». Good luck and continue to serve people well.Pauline Lépine

"I have seen the benefits of window reconditioning in a rental building mainly occupied by the elderly. The windows and doors have all been refurbished, and each floor has been compartmentalized, which greatly reduces heat loss through air infiltration. The building manager even congratulated Fenestra Group for their work after having received rave reviews from tenants, which is all too rare in a renovation project of this kind. Tenants are now able to open and close their windows easily and do not feel cold drafts rushing in when there are near the windows.Robert Patenaude, Engineer / Energenia

"Competence and expertise are two key words to describe the Fenestra Group’s staff. To my knowledge, nobody else in Quebec can match their expertise when it comes to refurbishing windows. This practice, unexplored until recently, provides measurable results in terms of airtightness and watertightness. I’ve noticed this several times in the field on real estate renovation projects.Pierre Delisle, Architect

"When the Fenestra Group approached me a few years ago, I was pleasantly surprised by the services they offered. Window refurbishment not only helps us saves substantial amounts of money, but it also has a positive impact on the environment.Jean-René Marcoux, Member of advising committee / Fenestra Group

"I was first a customer of the Fenestra Group before becoming an employee. A few years ago, the managers of the condominium where I lived appointed me as a window consultant and asked me to examine a proposal submitted by the Fenestra Group. I know a thing or two about building mechanics, so I could appreciate the quality of their products and services. We have used their expertise to refurbish our windows and patio doors, in addition to using their compartmentalization services for our elevator-dedicated spaces. Needless to say, the results were more than conclusive!Jacques Beaudry

"In our consumer society, refurbishing windows represents a great challenge. In this respect, attitudes in the corporate sector are gradually changing, and the concept is slowly making its way into the residential sector.Franco Giudice, Sales representative / Fenestra Group

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