The Values ​​Conveyed by the Fenestra Group

Fenestra caulking

After 15 years of constant service for its customers, Fenestra Group’s team sat down with a coach from Gazelles to define aspects of our raison d’etre which are already part of us, but not clearly defined and communicated. Therefore, here is how they are defined.

Values according to the Wikipedia

Values are principles that ways of being and acting must follow, those same principles are what a person or a community recognizes as ideal and appropriate and which make beings and behaviors to which they are attributed desirable and estimable.

They serve as guidelines to individuals in a company by setting up goals, objectives and ideals.

They establish a morality in which individuals are empowered to judge their actions and hence, build a set of personal ethics for themselves.


    • Listening, respect and awareness of mankind and the environment
    • Team spirit, availability and cheerfulness
    • Transparency, generosity
    • Thirst to learn, to increase, to achieve success ($ ), to find solutions, simplify and educate
    • Creativity, curiosity, improvement and efficiency

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