Windows that lasts a 100 years

This first chronicle will talk about the mission of the Fenestra Group, of which I am the vice chair with Pierre Montpetit. Established fifteen years ago, Fenestra Group is specialized in window repair and refurbishing, in particular for co-proprieties an institutions. This approach costs only a third of the cost of window replacement. It also allows the windows to regain, or even improve their original performances and participates in the protection of the environment.

Useful life and wear cycle

Nowadays, social values are largely based on disposables. Such a conduct often leads to throwing away some still usable materials. In the common lingo, we often talk about the consumer society, in which high productivity is highly valued. This Ditka is nurtured by a confusion supported for many years, which focuses on the words « useful life » and « wear cycle » of a product. In other words, throwing a 20 or 25 year old window is, as an example, the same as replacing cars because the windows are worn out.

Windows that are good for a 100 years

Aluminum windows’ sash lasts for about a 100 years. However, after a certain number of years, their components require maintenance, the same way a car or a building’s mechanical and electrical equipment needs maintenance. New weather-stripping and handles to name just a few, can give life to windows that looked otherwise moribund. Just imaging the scale of money saving possible in a co-propriety.

A fundamental question arises: why replace your windows if they are still good? Most of the manufacturers don’t necessarily have something better to offer, except maybe a more modern design. Fenestra Group’s expertise in window refurbishing no longer needs to be proven. We have invested more than a million $ in the last few years in research and development. Many different window models were analyzed in detail. We are able to meet your expectations, and especially allow you to save a considerable sum of money. For further information you can call me on the phone number displayed below.

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